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66 Vision Tech YZ20P5 Operation Microscope

YZ20P5 microscope is a simple binocular coaxial microscope for a single man. The microscope is small, light and convenient. It has a high agility and can cater the requirements for general ophthalmology operation. The microscope fits mobile medical treatment.


  • The mirrors adopt multi-plated technology, the transmissivity enhanced, and the mildew prevented.
  • The microscope can focusing by foot-control, it has three steps magnification (or five steps) and has a good field depth and bino-combination. It can cater the requirements for cataract operation.
  • The microscope adopts the apochromatism technology, it can make the the focusing point of lights which have different wavelength behind the ocular lens approaching and the eyesight of the operator more clear.
  • The instrument weights only 41 kg. The microscope is small, light and convenient. It fits mobile medical treatment well.
  • The table type mircroscope can be choosed, and it makes the instrument more convenient. It also can be customized according to different operation requirements, such as ophthalmology operations etc.
  • Further option of objectives: F200/F250/F400.


Brand: 66-vision-tech