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66 Vision Tech YZ5G Slit Lamp Microscope

The product with complete function and advanced design is well received in domestic and abroad market.


  • Professional digital camera is more sensitive to the changes of patient’s eyes, even the smallest changes.
  • 14mm aperture provides broader and clearer field of view.
  • Imported Schott optics from Germany reduces optical distortion, increases clarity and depth of focus.
  • All the Optical lenses are moistureproof, mildewproof and anti-reflected treated.
  • Osram bulb provides the low heating, high brightness and even lighting.
  • Five-step drum magnification for eyepiece. Sclera vein could be observed under the 40x magnification
  • Excellent optical performances and long span usage.
  • Anti-ultraviolet radiation filter ensures patient’s safety during examination.
  • All the joints can be connected by accessories with international standards.


Brand: 66-vision-tech