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66 Vision Tech YZ5S Digital Slit Lamp Microscope

The product can easily capture sharp digital photos of the cornea, sclera, anterior chamber, iris, lens, retina and so on.


  • Single Lens Reflex, which is used as the professional image collecting medium, is the best choice for the ophthalmic shooting for its sensitive capture to the light and colour and the complete adjusting functions.
  • Real time dynamic display. The camera could capture clearer images benefiting from the examination process   is displayed on the 3 inches LCD at the real time.
  • 18 megapixels could clearly provide all the details and meet the harsh requirement to the image.
  • Special designed background illumination
  • Photo easily taken by the button on the joystick
  • Patient’s information,examining records and pictures of sicking part can be reserved   by setting the data base.
  • To measure and mark the sicking part and print the complete case report.
  • Galilean stereoscopic microscope provides the practitioners great third dimension and large-angle observation.
  • Imported Schott optics from Germany reduces optical distortion, increases clarity and   depth of focus.
  • All the optical lens are moistureproof, mildewproof and anti-reflected treated.
  • Osram bulb provides the low heating, high brightness and even lighting.
  • The slit lamp could not only clearly observe the ocular surface and anterior segment, but also the posterior lens capsule, and even film the fundus nidus with the help of the pre-set lens.


Brand: 66-vision-tech