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Canon OCT-HS100 Optical Coherence Tomography

The Canon OCT-HS100 is the first Fully Automated Spectral Domain OCT. Operating an OCT has never been easier.

The OCT-HS100’s extensive automatic functions simplify and optimize examinations. A single mouse click correctly aligns and focuses on the retina to maximize scan quality. The operator then decides with a second click when the scan itself will be initiated, allowing full control over the instrument. The high scan speed of 70,000 A-scans/sec results in very short examination times—typically under two seconds—improving effi ciency and resulting in a very patient-friendly experience.



  • Full Auto
  • High scanning Speed
  • High Image Quality
  • Auto anterior eye alignment and tracking
  • Auto Fundus tracking by SLO
  • Auto C-gate control (Coherence Gate)
  • Auto Focus
  • 10 layer recognition
  • Built in SLO
  • 13mm scan width
  • SLO tracking follow-up
  • Averaging of scans
  • Easy examinations
  • Choroid and Vitreous mode
  • Retinal Image Import with automatic overlay
  • Flexible Layout
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Anterior Segment Analysis


Brand: canon