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Icare IC100 Tonometer

New Icare IC100 – the tonometer for all eye care professionals.

iCare IC100 is a reliable choice for all eye care professionals. iCare IC100 offers safe, quick, and easy IOP measurements in even the youngest or non-compliant patients without anesthesia or air.

With this tonometer, you can measure the intraocular pressure of patients in a sitting or standing position. Optometrists and ophthalmologists have successfully used IC100 for routine IOP measurements and glaucoma screenings.

As with all iCare’s tonometers, the IC100 uses the patented rebound technology, which allows painless and hygienic IOP measurement without local anesthesia.

Fully portable iCare IC100 makes it possible to measure the IOP of your patients wherever they are. The results are always reliable. Measuring has never been more accessible – just load, align, and measure.




  • Icare® AMS:
    Automatic measuring sequence:
    series and single mode with one button
  • Icare® EasyNav:
    Advanced navigation interface
  • Icare® EasyPos:
    Intelligent positioning assistant for the correct alignment of the tonometer


Brand: icare