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Rexxam DR-900 Digital Refractor

Rexxam Refraction System – high quality and precision optics meet stringent standards in eye refraction. Its good mechanical design (Sequential-Control Lens Rotating Units) delivers swift and quiet mechanical transition. The smart-compact refractor head & 10.4 inch full colour touchscreen controller will surely help to maximise the practitioner’s refraction test experience.


  • High speed silent head
  • Wide field of view
  • Built-in IR connection to chart screen
  • Detachable Face shields
  • Dimmable near vision LED illumination
  • 10.4 inch full colour touch screen controller
  • 21-step subjective Eye Exam routine
  • Auto-cross cylinder
  • Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity test
  • Linear and circular polarization Auxiliary lenses


Brand: Rexxam